TOSI Environmental Chamber Room

  • 300 square feet (15 X 20ft) allows for comfortable seating for up to 6 at a time.
  • Relative Humidity Range ~4% to 55%
  • Temperature 75° ± 10° F (24° ± 5.5° C)
  • Adjustable in-ceiling lighting
  • Two wall-mounted fans providing wind speed up to 20mph (9m/s)
  • Full examination lane (i.e., phoropter, slit lamp)
  • Portable instruments (e.g. autorefractor, anterior segment camera, LipiView, thermal camera, etc. can be moved in/out of chamber)
  • Large flat screen TV

To learn more about the environmental chamber or for details on costs for utilizing it in a clinical study please contact Dr. Daniel Powell at or 713 743 1168.